I didn't have drop foot or peripheral neuropathy until I had gastric bypass in 2003. How could/why did this happen? I just want to walk how I used to

Interesting. This is a bit unusual. Gastric bypass involves deep surgery and it is important to talk with your gastric surgeon about the technique he/she used in doing your surgery. Using instruments inside the abdomen may have come in contact with a nerve. I would suggest that you talk things over with your surgeon. My question is also why have you waited 4 years to bring this up??
Neurologist. If you have not already, you should see a neurologist for a work up. One common scenario after this type of surgery is a vitamin B 12 deficiency, which can result in foot drop. You may want to ask whether that can be checked. There are many other possibilities also which need evaluation. Good work.

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How long will drop foot last with peripheral neuropathy?

Depends on the cause. It depends on the cause of your peripheral neuropathy (diabetes, hereditary condition, nerve impingement , stroke, prior surgeries). A neurologist would be best served to give you an educated answer based on nerve testing. Read more...