I have been having chest pains for about a week, along with back pain. Should I be concerned about having a heart attack?

Heart attack sx's. Please familiarize yourself with the symptoms listed in this Mayo Clinic article & compare with your own symptoms. Ref: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/heart-attack/basics/symptoms/con-20019520.

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29 yr old female. Have been experiencing chest pain radiating into left arm, neck and back for almost a month. Could a Heart attack be coming?

Possible, See Doctor. Your age (29) argues against an impending heart attack. Most heart attacks are unpredictable, & don't last 1 month in the making (that would be unstable angina, which is seen in the elderly). In any case, you should see a doctor in the clinic soon. Waiting 1 month w/ symptoms like this is not wise. Thanks for your question on HealthTap. Use HealthTap Prime or see your doctor soon. Read more...