I have soft tissue swelling in my Right knee joint. How I'll be cured?

Treated or cured. The first step is determining the nature and cause of the swelling. A history and evaluation is the starting point. Seek the consultation from an orthopedic surgeon and you are on your way for resolution.
Diagnosis. It would have to originate primarily from the correct diagnosis as to the cause of your swelling. There are inflammatory causes, traumatic causes, degenerative causes among others; all of which are treated differently. Don't hesitate to be seen for an accurate diagnosis. From that point appropriate treatment can be discussed.

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My MRI reveals ''celery stalk' on right knee joint. I am suffering from pain in whole leg and MRI also shows minimal synovial effusion. Before two yea?

Celery Stalk. The 'celery stalk' finding on knee MRI is a sign of mucoid degeneration of the ACL. Typically patients present with knee pain or restricted movement, although often other potential causes for the patient's symptoms are found.The pathogenesis remains controversial. Possible etiologies include age related degeneration, or congenital or acquired synovial tissue entrapment between ACL fibers. Read more...

What causes swelling on the knee joint?

Injury or arthritis. Injury or some type of arthritis, as well as some types of inflammatory diseases can cause your symptoms. You should see your doctor for an exam and diagnosis. Read more...

Could a hematoma on my leg below my knee cause pain, swelling and discomfort in my knee joint three years later?

Not likely. Hematoma in the leg would not cause knee problems.
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Chronic pain in both ankles, back, neck, knee joint. Father has diabetes and psoriasis. Nsaids/vit. B both help. No swelling/redness. Nerve or psa?

No matter what, do.. No matter what have been happening to you, practice healthy low-risk lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession as the foundation of healthcare and the key to longevity. Besides, bring the feature, degree, and progress of the symptoms with their detailed sequence of event to see doc for analysis, more hx, physicals, and possible tests as needed timely; at least once, that would be worthwhile. Read more...