I had bourbon street chicken and shrimp from Applebee's restaurant. 40 hours later a etg test cutoff (etg-500 ng/ml, ets- 100 ng/ml) will I pass?

Whoa! "Bourbon street chicken and shrimp" are named for a style of cooking from New Orleans developed on a street named for the Bourbon family of French kings. So was the alcoholic beverage. There is no further connection with alcohol. Glad you're being monitoried for sobriety and enjoying good times doing healthy things. Congratulations on your sobriety -- keep up the good work.

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I took a etg test 40 hours after eating bourbon street chicken and shrimp at Applebee's restaurant. Cutoff etg 500ng/ml ets 100ng/ml. Will I pass?

Depends, what you... drank or what else you ate along with the meal as described. Your dinner included: Cajun-seasoned chicken breast grilled and served on a sizzling skillet with blackened seasoned shrimp, garlic and thyme, served with fried red potatoes and sautéed onions & mushrooms. Read more...