Lung Xray noted slight calcium on Aortic Arch. Been off prednisone 8 days for respiratory infection. Still having night sweats. Should I be concerned.

Explanation . Calcification of aortic arch independent finding on chest XRay and not causing the night sweats. But nor completely resolved respiratory infection can. Most likely you need more time for recovering. Be well. .
See below. A calcified aortic arch to varying degrees is very common. We see this all the time. The amount of calcium depends on age and other underlying disease processes. I doubt that is worrisome in and of itself. If you had an infection, did you take antibiotics for it?
That is a. sign of atherosclerosis, a common incidental finding on chest xrays as we age. It sounds pretty minimal, but you can talk to your doc about whether any further steps are needed, such as a lipid profile or screening for peripheral vascular or carotid disease.

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