I am experiencing neck lump or bulge, nasal congestion, cough (quality: chronic cough), ear lump or bulge and mouth lump or bulge.

See below. If you're having cold symptoms, these "bulges" could be swollen lymph nodes from infection. However, if you have that many, I think that warrants a trip to your doctor.

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Subjective tinnitus (continuous, left ear/head), hearing test (no loss), throat congestion, no nasal congestion, from 20days. If tinnitus will ever go?

Tinnitus. The most common cause of persistent tinnitus is hearing lost, but other conditions such as TMJ disorder, head or neck injury can also cause tinnitus. Tinnitus associated with loud noise exposure may resolve. Read more...

Tinnitus (constant and loud) in left ear/head, no hearing loss (test done), throat congestion, no nasal congestion, little hypersensitivity, from 18days?

LPR. Laryngopharyngeal edema (lpr) is a form of acid reflux that is often 'silent', meaning that heart burn is absent. If tiny amounts of acids make it high into the back of your throat, a dry cough, hoarseness, shortness of breath or ear fullness from eustachian tube irritation can develop. Treatment is to discontinue caffeine and alcohol, no late meals and otc-ppi such as Omeprazole before meals. Read more...