How probiotic's liquids or pills version survive in stomac acid? Since they will pass intestine? An they are live bacteria ?

Just like the rest. You are constantly seeding your gut with germs every time you touch your lips or chew your nails. Some get through the stomach acid while some don't. A newborn baby has enough germs in their gut by 8 days to convert vitamin k to help clot the blood.The pro-biotic liquids or pills do the same thing, just with "good"germs that help the gut.Some get through some don't.Yes they are live.
Packaging magic! "Pro"-biotics put good organisms into your gut (unlike "anti"-biotics which kill bacteria) & include: lactobacillus, acidophilus, bifidobacter, sachromyces boulardes, to name a few. Whether pill, powder, liquid, in food (yogurt), take daily to maintain the probiotic organism population. Benefits include: less gas, regulated bowels, prevent infections, improve digestion, decrease inflammation.