I am experiencing sinus pain and green mucus. Will it heal without antibiotics?

Bacterial vs viral? . Many times the symptoms you describe will simply be viral in nature and will resolve with time and conservative care. However, if the symptoms include fever, chills, pain etc then you may want to be properly evaluated for a possible bacterial infection that will require further treatment such as antibiotics. I would recommend a proper evaluation if these symptoms are present. .

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I have sinus allergies. I haven't had any sinus pain this year. But I have a lot of green mucus coming it of my nose. How can I stop that.

Allergy vs infection. Allergies usually have clear nasal discharge, sneezing, itching and congestion. In morning, mucus may be green from oxidation, but should become clear. Allergy treatments like antihistamines should help. If mucus persists green or does not improve with antihistamines, an evaluation for sinus infection is prudent to determine if antibiotics are needed. Read more...