Ultrasound for enlarged uterus: uterus normal size but both ovaries are enlarged with multiple nonspecific cysts. What does nonspecific mean?

"Nonspecific" means that, based on the ultrasound, there is no specific cause that can be attributed to the cysts. There are a number of potential causes for ovarian cysts, there is nothing about their ultrasound appearance that enables the radiologist to make a a definite diagnosis as to what is causing them.
Unknown significance. "Nonspecific" is a fancy way to say we (radiologists) can't come up with a firm diagnosis based on that one study. Often your primary doctor can make your case more clear to you. For most findings that are likely to be really serious, a specific list of possibilites are put in the report. Without such a "differential diagnosis" it MAY imply less importance. Ask your regular doctor.

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Ultrasound showed I have enlarged uterus with 2 endometria. No fibroids. But a few 1 cm follicular cysts around ovaries, should I be able to conceive?

Not sure. what "2 endometria" refers to. Do you have an anatomic uterine malformation such as didelphys or septate uterus? If so, there are a number of variations. You may still be able to conceive, but you have to talk to your doctor about what it specifically means in your case. Also, MRI may be useful to further evaluate potential uterine anomalies. Read more...