Hi I got bad pelvis pain because I'm on my period how do you get rid of period pain and pelvic pain naturally the pain is bad?

Options. Dysmenorrhea Tx: NSAID’s, SSRI’s, hormone meds, OTC meds containing diuretics, warm bath, heating pad, exercise & acupuncture are excellent for dysmenorrhea. Avoid caffeine, chocolate, alcohol & salt. Get GYN eval to R/O underlying pathology. Consider omega- 3 fatty acids, magnesium (supplementation or through diet) or Black Cohosh with dr ok. Sipping Chamomile can dissipate pain.

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How can I get rid of severe period pain my pelvis is very sore on my period?

Ibuprofen often. will treat pain from your period; the next step would be Aleve (if you do not have a medical problem which would not allow you to take these). Try taking them 1 day prior to your period starting for best results. If this does not help, please see your doctor, as there may be prescription medications they can give you. Read more...