Is recurrent sore throat and phlegm from the throat, swollen lymph nodes in neck a sign of HIV? Although I tested -ve after 4, 5, 6, 7 months w/4th gen

Negative test-No HIV. I would trust these tests - they are saying all the same thing LONG after some 'possible' exposure. There must be another cause for your symptoms - and hopefully your doc can get to the bottom of it. Sometimes it's recurrent viral infections. (esp. if you SMOKE or are exposed to 2nd hand smoke). Other times, it's lack of rest and the body just can't heal itself if you're driving yourself too hard.

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-ve 4th generation HIV at 5&6 months but 2 mild swollen lymph nodes appeared on the side of the neck after sore throat, is this an ARS? Help please

For sure not HIV. The 4th generation HIV blood tests are among the most accurate tests ever developed, for any infection. Negative results more than 4 weeks after the last possible exposure are 100% proof against HIV infection. Therefore, test results always overrule exposure history and symtplms. "2 mild swollen nodes" is not consistent with HIV -- but even if it was, your test results prove HIV isn't the cause. Read more...

Have little sore throat, swollen lymph nodes 60 days after HIV exp. HIV RNA & Combo neg 59 days. 1) is symptoms related to hiv? 2) Are my results conclusive or do I need to test at 90 days?

HIV negativity. is far less than the likelihood of newly acquired. Basically, it's NEGATIVE. Other viral infection, allergies, post-nasal drip, mononucleosis... all possible cannot say in your particular case, but HIV is negative. Read more...