I got a yeast infection I can't get rid of. 42 in full menopause. No STD, tried Diflucan, home remedies what can I try next?

For a chronic. yeast infection that did not go away with one dose of diflucan - you need to be seen by your physician as it may require additional treatment. Unfortunately not all women's yeast infections resolve quickly.

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How do you get rid of a male yeast infection? He tried diflucan, (fluconazole) OTC creams, & perscription cremes & now the herbal remedies. None has worked.

Yeast? The question now is if it really is a yeast infection. I would definitely get it re-evaluated by a doctor, possibly a dermatologist, because the failure of all those regimens for what should be simple to treat raises the question of missed diagnosis. Good luck! Read more...

How to get rid of non-stop yeast infection? I have had yeast infections almost non-stop for the past several years. I go to the dr. And they just give me diflucan or the kit, which may make me feel slightly better for about 2 days or so. I do have glucose

Yeast . Yeast infections are extremely uncomfortable and can even be painful. Elevated blood sugar readings are definitely a risk factor for recurrent yeast infections. Your doctor should ensure that your blood sugar is under control. You probably already avoid sugary drinks or sweets with your diabetes. To help yeast infections, after your shower dry your vaginal area very thoroughly. Avoid baths (yeast grow best in warm, moist environments). Wear cotton underwear instead of nylon. If you have any concern for other vaginal infections, your doctor should test you. Please see your doctor again to be sure your glucose is under control and to be sure they understand your concern for your constant yeast infections. Read more...