I have a white line in the middle of my gums, not right next to my teeth a little down, that hurts if I press on it and it bleeds when I brush it.

Trauma ? It is very possible that you traumatized your gingiva with vigorous brushing. Brush that area very gently and only on the teeth and at the gumline. The area should heal within to weeks... if it doesn't, see your dentist for an evaluation.
Scrape? We can't diagnose your problem over the internet, especially without a photo. It could be as simple as an accidental scrape. You'll need to see a dentist in person to diagnose it. Either wait and see if it goes away within a week or two or see someone soon. Warm salt water rinses may help meanwhile.
See dentist. You need to get to the dentist. You need exam and go from there. Not normal from what you describe so go get checked .
See your Dentist. 2 reasons: 1. No white lesion should go undiagnosed (Yours may simply be localized trauma), and 2. No untoward bleeding should go undiagnosed. Probably nothing, butlet your Dentist check it out to be sure.