Belly pain for 1 year. Cat scan and upper scope. Showed inflammation in stomach. Constipation also. Ibs. But worried colon cancer?

Very small chance... ...Given that you're 34 years old, but nothing's impossible. You may want to review the many healthtap answers regarding causes & cures for lower abdominal discomfort, but your best reassurance will come from your doctor after further appropriate exam & tests prove unremarkable. Be well--.
Constipation. Has the gastroenterologist addressed your complaint of chronic constipation? He/she can give you dietary advice. Good fluid and fiber intake is important. Taking a gentle daily bowel stimulant like senokotS could help. To assuage your fear of colon cancer a simple flexible sigmoidoscopy in the office would be helpful or you could undergo a full colonoscopy.

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Ibs or colon cancer or other? 13 year son little constipation no nausia no to little stomach pain pencil thin stools blood on paper sometimes sports

Sounds more . Like your son is suffering from constipation. Need to be very aggressive with management. Need to drink plenty of fluids, six 8 oz or more, need to take laxatives, stool softeners , need good bowel habits- have to go at least three times a day and stools should be soft and easy to pass.Blood in the stools are common with chronic constipation . See md asap if w fever, abdominal distention, look sick. Read more...
Constipation? Common thing are more common than other rare but unwanted possibilities. Make sure he is hydrated, on good high fiber diet etc. See your family doc and referral to gastroenterologist can be made to rule out more uncommon diagnosis. But be comforted for now that common things are common and constipation can make one feel backed up, discomfort in abdomen, and at times blood in stool from hemorrhoid. Read more...