Shallow breath and sharp pain in left chest 2 inch top nipple. Comes and goes for about a month now. Heart beat feels weaker daily. Barely hold breathe anymore or walk my car without heavy. All tests normal heart lung Every. Click noise lump throwt?

Pleurisy . Sometimes difficult to detect Best to go to pulmonary specialist for evaluation Sometimes detected by CT of chest with pleural fluid and thickening Chest X-rays sometimes negative Make sure you have a Tuberculin skin test done and ANA MANY TIMESIT IT IS VIRAL .
Sharp pain. Sharp, shooting chest pains are often caused by a pinched intercostal nerve or muscle that runs between 2 ribs. Deep breaths or coughing brings them on or worsens the pain which lasts only seconds. These usually resolve. Avoid rib cage straining. If you want to investigate further, consult a thoracic surgeon for an opinion or specific testing.