What is difference between echogenic and hypoechogenic liver lesions seen in ultrasound?

Those are. descriptive terms related to the appearance on ultrasound. "Echogenic" means it looks brighter than normal liver(because it reflects more of the US echoes), hypoechogenic means it looks darker. The terms are strictly descriptive, they don't necessarily imply any specific etiology of the lesions.
Solid versus cystic. When you pursue further evaluation, your doctor will want to know your exposure risks, travel history, etc. Also, is this the first time the cyst was identified, or has it enlarged, changed in appearance, or become symptomatic? What liver imaging modality was accomplished? Best of luck with your testing and treatment.

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What do echogenic and slightly hypoechoic liver lesions in ultrasound mean?

Liver lesions. Unfortunately, without being able to view the images or a more complete description, it could be anything from a benign process to something more serious. Echogenic simply means that the lesions appear brighter than normal liver on ultrasound, hypoechoic means they appear darker. Talk to your doc about the results. Read more...