My Sister is experiencing neck pain and back pain. The following also describe her: Headache and Pain shooting down the leg. Her MRI findings are DIFFUSE DISC BULGE AT CV4. CV5 AND CV5.CV6 CAUSING THECAL SAC INDENTATION What should she do?

See spine doctor. First, she would also need an MRI of her lumbar spine, as she has some symptoms referable to the lumbar spine. Second, she should take her MRI scans to a Spine specialist and discuss possibilities for treatment. .
Be seen. She would really need to be seen and examined. The findings on the MRI could potentially be the cause of her symptoms, but an MRI is so sensitive that they could also be incidental findings. It takes a detailed history and exam to determine if the findings on the MRI correlate with her symptoms, and at that point treatment options can be discussed.