3 yrs ago diagnosed with pinch nerve, did physical therapy & chiro. Now again for ten months, severe pinching/pain in neck, shoulder, elbow, lwr back.

NSAIDs/Injections. I am assuming you had an appropriate workup that confirmed a pinched nerve. If not see a medical provider for testing. Other treatment options include anti-inflammatories, repeat PT, cortisone injections if appropriate. Muscle relaxers and analgesics could be helpful. Speak with your medical provider. Good luck.
Consider more . The conservative options for a cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve in neck) usually include rest, time, meds, and/or non invasive things like therapy or chiropractic. If that fails and it is bad enough, MRI and either epidural steroid injections or surgery is the more aggressive way to handle it. It is usually quite fixable. Don't hesitate to see a specialist.