Hi I was just diagnosed with Fatty liver disease from a sonogram and blood work. But I don't know much about it. I don't drink much only occasionally?

Fatty liver. Those with a fatty liver should generally limit fat intake, limit alcohol intake and lose weight (if there's weight to lose) via proper diet and regular exercise. That being said, it would be OK to treat yourself to a fatty meal every once in a while, meaning once a week or two. Realize that all meals will have some fat in them, so it's not like you're completely avoiding fat otherwise.
Fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease is most often not due to alcohol intake. Limiting alcohol use, however, may be part of the plan to limit any negative effects. The physician who ordered the test will help formulate a plan if one is needed moving forward. In many cases of fatty liver when obesity is also present, disease improves with diet changes and weight loss.

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Can all autoimmune diseases be detected in blood work? I have had extensive tests ran. I have fatty liver disease with borderline enlargement.

Yes , some . In autoimmune disease the body not recognize it own tissue and attacks an organ or organs (systemic disease ) as a result antibodies are released and they will be detected in the blood like crp, (c reactive protein ) ANA , (antinuclear a) af ( rhematoid factor ) ena , elivated sed rate (ESR) maybe more ask your doctor. Make sure to take care of fatty liver . Read more...