Hi doctor after bile duct is obstructed how fast does jaundice happen after?

Bile duct jaundice. If totally obstructed stools will turn light in color first then in a few days jaundice will come on depending on the health of your liver. Urine will also become darker.

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Hi doctor if bile duct is obstructed how fast does jaundice come on and is it physically visible at 3 mg/dl total bilirubin count?

Yes... ...jaundice typically becomes visible when the bilirubin level is about 3mg/dL (51 umol/L), and is progressively more dramatic as the bilirubin level climbs. Biliary obstruction is only one of many causes of jaundice, but often requires urgent intervention when persistent. Read more...

Hi doctor is it better to keep an eye out for jaundice or light colored when looking for bile duct blockage?

More information. Let's get more information. Why do you think you have a blockage. If the doctor scanned you and told you this than follow the directions as well . Read more...