I have severe chronic constipation due to slow colon transit. No laxatives work so doc wants me to try golytely bowel prep daily. Is this safe?

It is... ...but by way of background, do you take opioids, and have you tried Linzess, Trulance, oral Relistor, Movantik?
Chronic constipation. Using golytely bowel prep on a daily basis is a fairly common step after routine laxatives have proven unsuccessful. It is certainly worth a try. Good luck.

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How many glasses of glavilyte BOWEL prep do I drink daily for chronic constipation? Doc wants me to try this to help since nothing else does.

This is. a rather unusual treatment for your chronic constipation and the only answer which makes any sense is TRIAL and ERROR....try a small amount to begin with! (BTW I would hope you have consulted a Board Certified Gastroenterologist with experience in IBS C and chronic constipation! Hope this helps Dr Z. Read more...