Ultrasound said gall bladder, liver, spleen normal. Few tiny foci 6mm in gall bladder. Should I be concerned about cholestasis? Will stones get bigger?

Cholestasis. is the slowing down or blockage of bile flow from the liver to the small intestine via the bile ducts, and can have various etiologies. A gallstone can result in obstructive cholestasis by exiting the gallbladder and getting stuck in the common bile duct, thereby causing an obstruction . Gallstones can get bigger with time.
Gallstone ? disease. Stones in the gallbladder (gb) seldom cause symptoms unless they migrate into the neck of the gb (&block exit of bile) or into the common bile duct. Symptomless gallstones may be diagnosed by chance by imaging or during investigation for some other condition. Only 10% become symptomatic within 5 years of detection. Ultrasound, ct scan, mrcp finds stones; cck-hida scan can tell if gb is diseased.

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Had ultrasound that indicated gall stone foci (6mm). Liver and gall bladder normal. No pain. Coded as cholestasis. Why not say minor gall stones?

Coding error? I agree. Sounds like the more appropriate ICD-10 code for your finding was K80.20 = Calculus of gallbladder w/o cholecystitis w/o obstruction. Perhaps your provider has however other data that supports a diagnosis of cholestasis (K71.0, K83.1). Read more...