Is it safe to take birth control and drink alcohol?

Birth control. Use of alcohol does not increase the risk of stroke or blood clots like tobacco. However, as birth control does not protect you against std infections, and as women who drink may be more likely to have multiple sexual partners, there is a increased risk for stds. If you drink while on birth control drink responsibly and protect yourself from stds.

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Is drinking alcohol before intercourse an effective form of birth control?

No. It has no direct effect on the egg waiting to be fertilized or the sperm eager to do the job. It also noes not reduce the germ transfer in sexually transmitted disease. If anything it removes your ability to deal with the consequence of risky behavior. Read more...

What foods or food group is good to eat before drinking alcohol. Also does alcohol affect birth control pills?

NotTheBCP;YrBehavior. Fatty foods and protein will get in the way of absorption, so have a big juicy steak with a side of cheese sticks and ice cream for dessert. Carbohydrates, carbonation and an empty stomach will increase absorption. But hey, I know what you're getting at and I bet nothing will work for you tonight (New Year's Eve). From one to four drinks in an hour will get you busted if you drive. Be careful... Read more...