Taking 200 mg daily of prometrium as I a fully deficient in it but make plenty of estrogen am I at high risk for blood clot for taking it?

Other risks involved. Not only blood clot formation, you need to follow up closely with your doctor, not to exceed the recommended dosage/duration, which is about 10-12 days every month with close monitoring and careful not to interact with other medicines you are on. Most important though is to avoid the other risk factors as smoking, hypertension, being overweight, having abnormal lipid profile etc, best wishes .

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I'm on the no estrogen contraceptive pill. Theres a high risk of severe blood clots In my family, so I'm worrying. Can I still take the pill?

Should be ok. The mini-pills are progestin-only contraceptive pills, and are not felt to increase one's risk of blood clots. One should check with her primary care doctor and review her family history. If relatives had blood clots, a woman may have a genetic clotting disorder, and be prone to clotting during pregnancy. That would mean using a mini-pill to prevent pregnancy can be safer than getting pregnant. Read more...