I have severe upper back pain. I took a ibu 800mg can I take a flexeril 5mg and be ok.

Drug Interactions. Per Drugs.Com - no interaction was noted between flexeril and ibuprofen. I am assuming this is plain ibuprofen (not a combination drug). See: https://www.drugs.com/interactions-check.php?drug_list=1310-0,758-386.

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Went to ER upper back pain said it was spasm given flexeril the pain is bad so if flexeril doesn't work maybe not spasm.?

Upper back pain. Sure it can be spasm, but can be due to many other things, some serious. I had a patient with upper back pain in the ER ended up being an aortic aneurysm, an emergency case, But common things are common. Don't ignore it and go for a full check up. If it is spasm, why? find out how to prevent it. Ergonomics. Posture. Stretch. Adjustments. etc. Read more...