I've got the walking cast n I can't walk well. When I walk, I feel the leg hard and makes me uncomfortable to walk. Could say what can I do n if s normal?

Adjust your gait. Most walking boots have built in rocker soles that roll you forward when you put the boot down. If you bend your knee, the boot will do the rest. If you are in a full cast, attach a cast shoe- this usually has a similar rocker bottom sole.
Its supposed to be s. When you are placed in a walking cast, the plan is to keep your ankle and foot from moving so that damaged tissue in the area, either operative or traumatic, can heal. This in turns makes your knees and hips move more or in a range you are not used to. Wearing a shoe on the other foot of similar height may help reduce your problem, but it is not supposed to feel normal!
Even-up. There is a company that makes a device you put on your good foot to even up the height with the walking boot. Take a look, that are called even-ups. Not sure of the website and I have no financial affiliation, but some of my patients have raved about these.