I am experiencing itchy eyes, sensation of something in eye, shadow over part of vision and eyelid redness.

Eye symptoms. Your symptoms, especially the shadow over part of vision, indicate the need for you to see an opthalmologist ASAP. You MAY have a retinal tear. Peace and good health.

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I have red eyes and itchy eyes and I brought optrex eye drops will they make my eyes worser?

Probably not. Optrex is not an American company nor am I aware that they legally distribute products in the USA, however they do make artificial lubricants and possibly some decongestant products also that are probably safe to use. These drops contain preservatives that sometimes cause allergy. See an eye doctor if symptoms persist. Read more...

I have dry sore red itchy eyes accompanied with eye flothers I suffer from dandruff in my eyelashes?

Dry Eye? You really need to see an ophthalmologist for evaluation. However, you should have a full dilated exam to rule out retinal detachment and / or breaks in the retina and dry eye work up. Johnson baby shampoo of brown and lashes daily important. Read more...