I have myself in panic over tick I've had 4 on me will it cause Lyme or neuro issues I think they lone star tick or Bell's palsy?

Ticks. There are many types of ticks and not all cause Lyme disease. If you manage to keep one, please take it to a local lab for testing. A university or clinic may have that ability. The tick that gives us Lyme is tiny, like a dot of pepper. Have your doc remove any ticks you find because you want it all out. Peace and good health.

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Do all ticks cause Lyme and Bell's palsy have myself in panic had one on me?

Lyme. No, all ticks do not cause Lyme. The one that causes Lyme is tiny as a dot of pepper. Some counties or universities have labs that will examine the tick if you have it and let you know. Bell;s Palsy is not from Ticks but from a swelling of facial nerves, perhaps caused by a virus, and typically one fully recovers. Peace and good health. Read more...