After every dinner my stomach feels bloated without over eating Could this be because my B12 levels are 1600 and my Vitamin D levels are deficient?

Bloating post dinner. Would check for reflux with or without H pylori , a bacteria ,and would check for gallbladder status ( stones, dyskiensis ( ultrasound vs. HIDA) and food intoelrences like gluten / soy or milk . T I have found liver dysfunction with elevated B12 so check liver function and do not supplement with B12 .if not supplementing get evaluated as liver/blood diseases cause increase in B12 f/u/ w/ doc.

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Dexpression, lathergic, low level of vitamin b12. And vitamin d deficiency, low level of energy?

And your question? I'm not sure what you are asking. Yes, vit d deficiency can cause fatigue. It is easy to correct with 5-8000 iu of d3/day. B12 deficiency can be serious too- try 1000 mcg of sublingual b12/day ; if that does not help try injections. See http://bit.Ly/1fnt3ox ; http://bit.Ly/1607tg3 if fatigue persists after correcting then see a good doc to explore the many other possible causes of fatigue. Read more...