I am experiencing skin swelling, skin redness or irritation, warm skin and bruising. It's in the crook of my elbow and I believe it's a bug bite.?

Skin redness . It could be an infection so get examined today .
Can't diagnose. I am sorry but there isn't enough information to be able to make a diagnosis with specific recommendations. Visual assessment and history would likely be needed for that. Take care.

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I am experiencing rash on face and purple rash around eyes. The following also describe me: Skin rash, Skin redness or irritation, Skin swelling. My rash is going away, but my skin is still very itchy and my ears are getting swollen.

Periorbital rash. May be infection like strep or may be lyme which can have a multitude of presentations. Could also be allergic reaction-new topical creams on face or soaps? Very rarely may be HSP variant (Henoch-Schonlein purpura) any joint pains/ lower extremity rash or dots? Keep hydrated .Would follow up with doc over next 24 -48 hours. Read more...

What is it? I have lip swelling and vaginal itching. The following also describe me: Pain with urination and Skin redness or irritation

Allergy or infection. Are you allergic to latex, which is found in many condoms? It could be from have protected vaginal intercourse and then participating in oral sex. I would also suggest seeing a primary care physician or OBGYN for a possible UTI, or STD. Read more...