I am experiencing nausea (severity: moderate), stomach cramps (quality: cramping in lower abdomen), back pain (severity: severe) (side: both), . ..

Could be anything... 18 year old female with nausea, lower abdominal cramps & severe back pain on both side. One does not say if Fever is present or not. Could be anything from Infection/Inflammation of the Kidneys/ Urinary system to Ovaries/ tubes & Reproductive system or even Digestive System including simple indigestion to appendicitis, if still present. Best to see M.D. for Dx/mgt.

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What can cause cramps in my lower abdomen, lower back pain, and numbness in the legs at the same time?

Several issues. See a back surgeon and get examined and have this corrected. The sooner you go the better the chances for full recovery. If you ignore nerve damage too long it may be too late for complete reversal. Best wishes. Read more...

Been having sex with my bf for 7 years without protection. Now I am experiencing cramps like in my abdomen, lower back pain& 5 days late.

Pregnancy test. Well, young lady...at this point you will need a pregnancy test. And no matter what the outcome of the test...you should consider writing a book on how you guys were able to avoid pregnancy for 7 years by using straight rhythm and unprotected sex. That's pretty phenomenal. Millions of men in the world will pay very good money for your tips and secrets! Best of luck. Read more...