White covering on uvula came off. Hard rubber like. Another one growing back. Sore throat, sinus congestion, and fatigue. I have a picture?

Culture and Biopsy. donot like word hard rubber is not hard sound like Yeast culture would proove if har then Biopsy if tired blood count needed lets see the piture if fungus cut out sugar intake drink 12 drops of Grapefruit seed extract would kill yeast infection.

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Wed. Had very painful sore throat / thurs. Sore throat&sinus congestion / fri. & sat. Cough and no voice (very raspy if I try to talk). What could be?

Most likely viral. With the description that you have provided, it is most likely a viral syndrome, associated with rhinosinusitis and laryngitis. I would suggest mucinex or robitussin, plenty of fluids, avoidance of straining your voice, warm drinks and a tincture of time. Read more...