Is sagging vaginal walls the same as a bladder prolapse?

Prolapse. The problem that causes urinary bladder prolapse is a weakness of the musculature of the pelvic floor usually caused by trauma from vaginal deliveries and in the worst case the bladder protrudes outside of the vagina. Technically the vaginal walls aren't the main problem in bladder prolapse. Urologists and gynecologists can better advise you.
Can be . The vagina is shaped like a tube. If the top of the vagina is sagging down there and that is the same as bladder prolapse or what we call a cystocele. If the bottom of the vagina is bulging up then that is what we call a rectocele.

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I m 22 yr old virgin. I noticed pink lumpy tissue above my vaginal opening no pain. Is it a bladder prolapse due to heavy weight lifting in gym?

Probably not... Weight lifting would not induce bladder prolapse in a women with no childbirth at 22. What could that lump be? It may just normal and unique for you. Nonetheless, the surest way is "to see and to believe" by an experienced physician, preferably by a gynecologist. Best wish to health... Read more...

What are the symptoms of a bladder prolapse problem?

Varied . Prolapse symptoms include incontinence, pressure, pelvic pain, low back pain, recurrent uti, pain with intercourse, incomplete emptying of the bladder and other types of feelings. An exam by a urologist, urogynecologist, or gynecologist can help with this. You can get additional information from www.Takethefloor.Org, a website managed by the american urogynecologic society. Read more...

How does vag estrogen help with bladder prolapse?

Here are some... Vaginal estrogen may improve the texture of vaginal & urethral lining leading to decrease the degree of mild stress urinary incontinence in some but will not help the degree of bladder prolapse since it results from general weakness of periurethral and pelvic floor supporting muscles which is related to aging and childbirth. More? Ask your attending doctor. Read more...