I recently had a mammogram done. I got a call back to come in for a ultrasound. Assyterim density. Recently 9 months out bariatric. 70 pounds lost?

Weight loss. can cause mammographic changes due to fat loss and resultant relative increase in breast density. What did the ultrasound show? If it cannot be determined whether the mammographic changes are due to weight loss, additional imaging with MRI or needle biopsy may be necessary to completely evaluate the asymmetry. Mammographic developing asymmetries have about a 10% chance of malignancy.
Breast U/S. Hi. It is quite normal to get called back for ultrasound of the breast after mammogram, especially for young women. Breast u/s is a different modality that can give the radiologist and other doctors a different angle of the area seen on mammo, and can lead to obtaining a diagnosis of what the asymmetry is. Asymmetry means something that looks difference from one side compared to the other side.