I have 10cm dermoid cyst on left ovary, I have nausea vomitting cramping diarrhea&constipation lost 20lbs, should I get further testing on this cyst?

Need ovar.cystectomy. Most gynecologists would recommend that the purpose, risks/ benefits of and alternatives to a laparoscopic/laparotomy ovarian cystectomy be explained to you and that shared decision making and informed consent for surgery take place. The diagnosis of your suspected dermoid needs to be confirmed by having the cyst removed surgically (hopefully preserving the ovary) and sending it to a pathologist.

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I have a dermoid cyst on my left ovary and Ibs too. I had unprotected sex yesterday and have had loose stools today could that be linked??

Dermoid Cyst Ovary. There is no connection I know of between an ovarian Dermoid cyst and an episode of diarrhea. With IBS, as you know, there can be periodic episodes of constipation/pain and diarrhea. The relationship of the diarrhea to a sexual encounter is not direct, but food/drink associated with the encounter could have played a role. IBS can fluctuate with life experiences. . Read more...