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How high are my risk of endometrial cancer. I am a breast cancer survivor of 6 yrs. Am on tamoxifen. My sister was diagnosed with endometrial cancer,?

Very low. Endometrial cancer is rarely hereditary, so it is highly unlikely that you will have this problem due to the fact that your sister had it. Breast cancer is not associated with it either. Tamoxifen usage has some small increased risk for endometrial but it can be easily monitored with once yearly Ultrasound test of your uterus. Do tell us know if you have any problems.

I am a breast cancer survivor and underwent masectomy mid last year. I am currently taking tamoxifen. Is it safe for me to use Slendertone Abs? Pls. .

Sure. This abdominal belt will unlikely have any effect on your mastectomy and will not interfere with your tamoxifen. I personally believe there are far more better core workout programs but if this is the path you choose for core work your mastectomy should not interfere.

Immediately a breast cancer survivor. On the drug tamoxifen, I missed a day. Can I take 2 pills in one day?

No... No, if you missed it completely do not double up. In the future if you miss a dose and remember within 8 hours you can take the dose. A weekly pill case can be a great reminder for taking pills, there are also dose reminder apps available.

My sister (66) is a 9 year breast cancer survivor; took tamoxifin for 5 years, & now in 5th year of femora. Is this normal treatment?

Yes for ER+ cancer. Yes, for early stage er + breast cancer - the therapy would include surgical resection (mastectomy or lumpectomy followed by radiation) then followed by either chemo followed by or estrogen supression therapy - like tamoxifen, or aromatase inhibitor (ai). Tamoxifen can be started first then switch to ai (Femara (letrozole) etc), or can be started on ai in the very beginning - for postmenopausal women.

I m 63 years old and a breast cancer survivor since 2010. completed chemo n radiation. WBC is 2+ to 3+. Bp between 90+ to 58-60. Pls advise Rosaline?

More info. It is hard to give an opinion without more information. Low WBC can be a consequence of prior chemo but also can be a sign of bone marrow disorder. The trend is important here. The blood pressure depends on your body habitus. It may be normal or abnormal.

I am a breast cancer survivor since 2007. I had clear test results, clear margins, clear lymphnodes and bone scan in 2007. Now, I am having pain in hips. Why could it be?

If. If the pain is persistent and especially if it is worse at night, with weight bearing, or radiates from your back to your hips or your hips to your knees, you should get checked out by your physician. If it is as simple as arthritis he or she may be able to help you feel better and you will likely be reassured having someone double check that the pain is not cancer related.
X-ray or bone scan. If you are having pain in both hips, it is unlikely that this pain is related to bone metastases from your breast cancer you had more than 6 years ago. Hip arthritis or arthrosis is a possible explanation and an x-ray or a control radionuclide bone scan would be helpful to evaluate the cause of your bilateral hip pain.
Tell your doc. Breast cancer survivors should alert their treating physicians as to any new bone pain.

Received a diagnosis of AGUS on pap test. If the biopsies are ok, what could have caused this? I am a breast cancer survivor. I'm 42 w/limited menses

Cycle phase. Were you menstruating at the time the Pap smear was done? If not, next step most likely would be a pelvic ultrasound with an endometrial biopsy, if negative, repeat Pap test in 6 months when not menstruating. Best Wishes.

What could an 8mm cyst in my uterus be from? I'm a breast cancer survivor, but ultrasounds is clear & I just had a pap culture. I have a cyst in my uterus. It is about 8mm. I am 55 yrs. And am a breast cancer survivor. We have ultra sounds of my ovarie

Most. Most common growth in the uterus is called fibroid. It is a solid growth, . Once in a while it can undergo cystic degenerative change. Another commjon cystic growth is in the lower part of the uterus called cervix. A blocked cervical gland can cause what we call nabothian cyst. Both of them are benign findings. With your h, o cancer not a bad idea to get it rechecked. Raksha trivedi, M.D., facog www. Avaniwoman. Com.