I was awakened with my heart racing it lasted for at least 5 min. I've never been awakened by it before or had it last that long. Is this a major?

Bad dreams. Sometimes you will have a bad dream that will result in your going into the "fight or flight" response, which then awakens you. Of course, you don't remember dreaming, or remember the dream. I agree with doctor hazlett that a cardiac workup is a good idea, but if it show that you are healthy and this does not happen often, great. If it happens too often (your decision), see a therapist.
Cardiac or anxiety? Atrial or ventricular tachycardia (fast heart beat) can wake people up in the middle of the night but so can panic attacks. The duration of the attack and absence of other symptoms seems to point to a cardiac issue. Heart arhythmias can be very dangerous and should be evaluated asap by your physician or at an emergency room if unable to see your doctor.