Can electronic cigarette help to quit smoking?

Cigarettes but. It is not clear if e-cigarette's help you quit tobacco product dependence, or if they are even healthier for you than traditional ones (it is likely but not established fact). Patches, pills (chantix, wellbutrin), and classes have an established track record for helping smokers quit, with a success rate of up to 50% at 1 one year for combined patch/pill/class regimens.
Absolutely. It is a harm reduction strategy that avoids the toxins of smoke but it maintains the nicotine addiction. Inhalation techniques differ and there are still slight cardivascular effects from nicotine but it is better than cigarettes.

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I would like to know what doctors think about the electronic cigarette. I have recently quit smoking and I use the e cig when I am having a hard time.?

2-edged sword! If e-cigarettes really help you quit, well, it's a bit like methadone--one narcotic for another, but acceptable if it ends up well. Many e-cigs still supply nicotine, so it's a bit like nicorette--still bad, but less so, and ok if it ends up with the desired result. But the idea of simulating smoking to stop smoking seems a bit disingenuous, and if you use the nicotine-containing ones, more so!
Unknown risk/benefit. Wonderful you quit smoking! Many say, 'i can quit, it's staying quit that's hard'. Medications that have only nicotine (gum, lozenge, patch) are safe and effective ways to stop and stay off. Info on e-cigs is not clear. Fda has warnings - so use with caution. Use http://www. Smokefree. Gov for free help. Fda info: http://www. Fda. Gov/forconsumers/consumerupdates/ucm225210.Htm.
Still toxic. E-cigarettes are not "safe." if you do a google search, you will see that there is evidence that, while you are not harming your lungs as much as with regular cigarettes, there are still adverse effects. Included are airway resistance (ability to breathe), which happens immediately upon use, also toxic & carcinogenic chemicals are still inhaled (such as formaldehyde and propylene glycol).
Congratulations. I am extremely pleased that you were able to stop. The only redeeming feature of the e-cig is that it does help people like you eventually quit. Keep up the good work.
E-cigarettes. Technically speaking, we don't really know the safety of those electronic cigarettes in the long term. But what they do help with is removing your emotional and mental attachment to actual cigarettes, which could ultimately help you quit everything. As well, there seem to be fewer ingredients in them; there are 42 carcinogens in cigarettes.

Is it actually true that an electronic cigarette will help me quit smoking?

E-cigs are dangerous. There is now info that e-cigs have many health-harming chemicals in them, some that are not in ordinary cigs. Continuing to take nicotine in any form (e-cigs, patch, gum) continues your addiction to nicotine. Hospitals, clinics, the lung assn & heart assn can point you to stop smoking classes or groups. The best way is to stop all nicotine with ongoing support. Nicotine anonymous also helps.
Don't know. Auricular (ear) acupuncture ; hypnosis have no significant side effects ; can work well. Nicotine replacement options: nasal spray, patch, inhaler, gum ; lozenges. Smoking cessation programs offer support, meds. Monitoring ; education. Electronic cigarettes may or may not prove helpful. Prescription meds: zyban (wellbutrin) ; Chantix (bupropion).Check potential psychiatric side effects w chantix.

Are electronic cigarettes safe to use to quit smoking?

No one knows. To my knowledge and review of this topic, no one knows since no one had done a controlled clinical trial of these products. If you use them and do not smoke, it seems intuitive it "might" help a person, but doctors cannot recommend them legally since we just do not know from accurate research data if they are safe. Would stink if in 5 years we learn they cause more heart attacks than cholesterol.

Is nicotine dangerous? I want to quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine until I don't need them.

Ecigs not a solution. E-cigarettes do not appear to be effective in helping people quit smoking. In addition, they may have their own problems. Apparently some of the chemicals in them may be as harmful as (if not more so than) the chemicals in regular cigarettes. Craving for nicotine lasts 3-5 mins. Dstract yrself each time (deep breathing, carrot sticks, etc) for the 1st few days of not smoking you will be detoxed.

I am trying to quit smoking using electronic cigarettes. I have cut down. Are these as harmful as real cigarettes? I recently had 3 stents /lad.

Depends. Some e-cigarettes have filtering functions that allow you to cut back on the nicotine in the smoke, and others do not. E-cigarettes deliver the same amount of nicotine, which is what is bad for your heart, but has less in the way of tars, which is what causes cancer of the mouth and throat, and lung. There are other ways to cut down and stop - talk to your doctor or local lung/heart association.
No. So-called electronic cigarettes, though less well proven than other nicotine replacements, are not as harmful as actual cigarette smoking. Regardless of how you quit, the most important thing is that you are trying and that you continue trying until you fully succeed.
No. Electronic cigarettes, though less well proven as a smoking cessation method, are not as harmful as real cigarettes. Regardless of how you quit, the most important thing is if you keep trying until you fully succeed in smoking cessation. Get help from your friends and family as well.

Are electronic cigarettes used to help quit smoking or just as a replacement?

That's one method. There are many aids and methods to quit. E-cigarettes are one. They can help one quit if the amount of nicotine in them is gradually reduced however, some people use them just to substitute for cigarettes in places where cigarette smoking is banned without intending to give up the habit.

Trying to quit smoking cigarettes so bought electronic cigs is that safe for me being diabetic?

As a transition, yes. Cigarettes have cadmium and nicotine which cause inflammation, stress, and cause cardiovascular disease and cancer diseases more common in diabetics. Electronic cigarettes hopefully have mainly nicotine but your own body and air pollution can contribute the cadmium, the best thing is take sufficient vit d because cadmium breaks it down and commit to stopping both.