What causes ears to clog? Was feeling lightheaded last few days and today left ear is clogged up. Took sudafed pe. & can I take meclizine w/it?

"clogged ears" can… Result from middle ear infection or fluid build-up due to swollen eustachian tubes. Sudafed should help open eustachian tubes to drain fluid from ears (caution: can elevate blood pressure). If dizziness is severe enough to increase risk of falling, use the meclizine. Side effects: dry mouth, blurred vision, difficulty urinating, constipation, worsening of prostate symptoms).

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Used too much pressure doing nasal irrigation. Left ear is clogged. Valsalva maneuver ineffective. Have been taking sudafed. Ineffective?

May need time. It may take a few days to weeks for the fluid to clear. Avoid irrigation for now but could continue sudafed. If the hearing is affected or continues for >4 weeks would see ENT to make sure nothing else is going on. Read more...

Strong sinus pain above left eye/eyebrow/forehead. Left nostril is congested completely shut, left ear feels a little clogged, sudafed not helping.?

Local meds. Flonase [flutacasone] nasal spray, or other steroid nasal spray. Also Afrin [oxymetazoline] spray. Use the Afrin for a few days, then use intermittently. It gives rebound congestion if used daily for more than a few days. Flonase can be continued for as long as needed. Read more...