I have throat pain, no cough or infection. I consulted two doctors already. But no relief. I already took antibiotic for sore throat and acid reflex?

Many possibilities. The possible causes for throat pain are too many to list, but if the pain is chronic, unresponsive to antibiotics and not worsening over the course of days; then the list narrows. Assuming an infectious work up is exhausted, then the list includes salivary gland stones, lymph node problem, mouth breathing associated with snoring or sleep apnea, post nasal drip maybe with chronic rhinitis, GERD..

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I have sore throat I've lost my voice 1 day. I have asmtha. Doctor told me it's throat infection as it's red. As I cough servery? . What do you think

? viral. Most probably it is a viral infection of your upper airways and probably affecting your lower airways too. Secondary bacterial infection can kick in, so if your doctor prescribes you an antibiotic, it's warranted according to his/her judgment. Please keep taking your controller medicines you're usually on for your asthma, and use the rescue medicines, as Albuterol inhaler if you need for cough. Read more...