Can sucralfate be taken with nexium for chronic gastritis?

Nexium. Read information you got from your pharmacy and look for drug interaction section, go to tonight and then ask your Dr. Would not take them at exactly the same time.

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Taking Nexium for years but chronic gastritis wont go away. Could it be a side effect of Nexium itself?

Scope or not to scop. Nexium is not a cure; it's there only to reduce the problem of acidity. Your doctor should probably refer you to a gastroenterologist at this time to get an upper scope. Then again, that's my opinion. If you have an ulcer, nexium helps with healing, but won't cure the ulcer. I guess if you have chronic gastritis, is because you were scoped already? Read more...

Take 30mg of prevacid (lansoprazole) daily for almost 1 yr for chronic gastritis. Is this safe to be on long term? If I want to d/c what is the most comfortable way?

Yes, this . Medication is designed primarily for short term use. Consult with gastroenterologist regarding the risks v. Benefits of taking it for more than one year. There are other medications that you can try, probably not as effective though. Read more...