I am experiencing skin rash (quality: itchiness). The rash is located on my left upper arm fron the elbow up and on my neck.

Rash. Rashes are very difficult to diagnose and treat without seeing a photo of the rash or seeing the rash in person. Please set up a live consult with a doctor on this site or see your regular doctor. You can try a over the counter anti itch cream like hydrocortisone to help with the itching in the meantime.

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I have a non itchy rash on my left arm and chest that spread to my neck and back over night. What could it be?

Many causes. If it lasts for less than a couple of weeks, then I won't pay much attention to it. But if it gets painful, it may be from shingles and you need to see your doctor ASAP to get started on an anti-viral drug to reduce potential complications. Suspect shingles if the rash does not extend beyond the mid-line of the body. Read more...