8 month old with bronchiolitis day 4 albuterol men's q 3 hours and breathing is still 57bpm and wheezing worst?

Back to the doctor. A baby with bronchiolitis who is doing ok can be treated at home. One who is not doing so well may need hospitalization and oxygen therapy. If a baby seems not improving, or seems working harder to breathe, he needs to be seen by his pediatrician or the er again. Sometimes, babies need to be admitted to the hospital.
Wheezing Treatment. While bronchodilators like albuterol can temporarily relieve sx, they do not shorten course of bronchiolitis. Bronchiolitis is typically progressively worse over 3-5 dys w/ gradual improvement over 2wk. Needs to be seen if rr>60 while sleeping, increased work of breathing, high fevers after dy 3/4, can sometime represent secondary infection i.e. Pneumonia.