7 + RBC in stool, no occult blood, no visible blood. What does it mean?

Blood in Stool Bad. Hi EDavid I take it you are testing your stool? A normal BM does not have blood in it. You are either getting a false reading or need to see a Doctor. Maybe retest it again using another kit. Hope this is helpful Dr Lori Lange-Pennsylvania.

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Hi I am 30 yrs female. In yearly health checkup, occult blood identified in my stool. Pus cells 2-4, rbc 3-5. What the result means? What I have to do?

See GI. Any time a person has "Blood in their stool" it requires further evaluation to diagnose the cause. A "Gastroenterologist" is the Dr. you should follow-up with and they can discuss the other findings as well. Best wishes. Read more...