pain with urination (stinging or burning sensation), vaginal itching, vaginal tenderness and pain during sex. Okay to treat with monistat?

Maybe OK, but... If you've had yeast and symptoms are the same now, self Rx w/ Monistat probably is OK. Otherwise, see a doctor for professional care. If you just can't (cost, etc), then probably OK to give it a try -- but if it doesn't clear up within 5-7 days, you definitely must see a doctor. At age 18, many things can mimic yeast, especially STDs. Don't take chances!

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I am experiencing pain with urination, pain during sex, vaginal odor, vaginal pain, bleeding after intercourse and vaginal tenderness.

Get it checked. With all these symptoms you are describing,i suggest you consult your gynecologist asap.It seems you have a pevic infection with may be a urinary tract infection as well.You need a gyn exam and cultures of the vaginal fluid and urine test as well.Dont waste time and consult your Gynecologist or go to ER.Do not have sex till you find out what is wrong with you. Read more...