I have swollen breasts and montgomery glands are vissable. I have taken two pregnancy tests and they were both negative what else could be wrong?

NonPregnantCauses. Even though Montgomery glands are swollen during pregnancy and lactation.There are other causes like Joggers nipple.And certain medical conditions which cause breast tenderness and swelling can also cause the glands to be prominent.Breast swelling and tenderness can be due to effect of hormones like Birth Control Pills& fibrocystic diease of the breasts.I suggest you get it checked by your doctor.

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I have missed my period and have swollen breast with the presence of montgomery glands. I have had two negative pregnancy tests...what is wrong?

Almost Amenorrhea. Hi AmeliaB, Amenorrhea by definition or missing periods for 3 or more months is due to many factors. Sometimes stress, excessive exercise, weight loss can alter normal menstral function. The breasts are normal. Get contraception if you don t want a pregnancy. See a doctor for physicial and bloodwork if needed. Dr Lori Lange. Read more...

8 negative blood & HPT. Symptoms are progressing. Vomitting, Fatigue, Swollen Breasts, Montgomery glands. ER discharged, no further concern after NBT.

Not pregnant. Clearly with 8 negative pregnancy tests you are not pregnant. That does not mean there is nothing wrong. You need to see your primary care provider or OB/GYN for a full history and testing ASAP. Good luck. Read more...