Can the lady get herpes from the public toilets? Any red itchy bloody pimples in vagina means herpes?

Poor public toilets. Poor public toilets get 'blamed: for everything from Herpes to STD's. None of those cases are true. Most women squat in public toilets and "touch nothing" to avoid even in the "appearance of contact with the seat" The itchy bloody "pimples" need to be assessed by a MD to determine exactly what it is and if needed treat it properly.

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Used monistat. I have one tiny whitehead on vagina lip (or vulva?) Not painful/itchy. Could it be herpes? It's been a couple days. Paranoid/worried.

Probably not. It's probably not herpes simplex virus of not painful at all since it appeared. Get tested for all STDs including gonorrhea and chlamydia , herpes, etc. Stay calm and get tested and see your OB/GYN for your first Pap smear. Good luck. . Read more...