Hi just wondering if there would be an obvious diagnosis for shortness of breath, unintentional weightloss, fatigue, neck pain back pain, galactorr?

Weight,pain galactor. Could be obvious if I talked to you and looked at you. But not without that. Discuss with your team. Knowing how old you are, what meds you are taking and if you are pregnant would be a good start. Lets do 2nd opinion.

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Cough for four week, shortness of breath, have to bend over to catch breath, yellow flem, side pain, back pain, neck pain, meds won't help.

Have you been seen? Certainly, we are seeing many viral illnesses that involve cough and phlegm. But it sounds as though you are suffering here. Your back, neck, and side pain could be the result of straining to cough. I wonder if you have bronchitis or sinusitis. If you've had a history of asthma, you may be "hit harder" by these illnesses. Please go in to be checked - or rechecked. And drink your water! lgromkomd. Read more...