Just found out I have Uterine fibroids. They are causing pain. Dr. has suggested tubes tied with ablation or hysterectomy. Your suggestion?

Reasonable choices. You don't provide nearly enough information to answer your question. There are a lot of variables, but in general fibroids are common and do not cause pain. A hysterectomy is major surgery but would more definitely solve the problem. However, if the pain is because your fibroids are causing heavier bleeding, then the ablation could be an excellent choice.

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I am 43 and have had tubes tied. I have uterine fibroids and cycles are short until now. It's been 7 weeks since last period. Not preg, what is cause?

Peri menopausal? If your pregnancy test is negative( you should do one to be certain) then, at age 43 you are not ovulating on a regular basis at this point and consequently your periods will often be longer apart. Your GYN MD can make the determination if you are soon approaching menopause with some lab testing if needed and this pattern persists. Read more...