I am seeing a surgeon on 4/29/13 for a ganglion cyst. Its on my dominate hand the right. Mixed in arteries, work in labor field how long recovery time?

Ganglion cyst. Having both evaluated/ treated this complaint and experienced this surgery myself - i advise caution in your expectations. I had this surgery in college (30 years ago) and due to the tissue removed and vascular involvement - this wrist has remained weak throughout my life. Not debilitatingly weak - but I have needed to revisit occupational therapy a few times. Be sure you get this therapy.
Short. About one week will allow full range of active motion. You will not be able to do pushups or hard workouts for about 2-3 weeks. Everything is based on pain with movement.
Volar ganglion cyst . If this is a volar carpal ganglion (palm side of wrist). These typically are at the base of the thumb at the wrist level. They can involve the artery. Everyone rehabs them differently. A general idea of recovery could be a splint at the wrist for 10-14 days full time followed by a removable splint for comfort and during heavier activities for a total of 4-6 weeks. You want to limit swellin.